As an SEO copywriter, I work with Web designers all the time on website development projects. Without a doubt, it is extremely beneficial when designers are familiar with and understand SEO requirements. Here are some important ways this understanding results in a superior website for the company or client.   Seeing the Big Picture of […]

Static Web Hosts

As web technologies like html5, css3 and javascript rapidly advancing in feature-set and ability, external services like Firebase, Parse and Google Apps abstracting requirements, the need for a traditional hosting plan is increasingly redundant.    A number of new services are cropping up that do away with the traditional complexities of web hosting, providing only static file hosting; just html, css, js and image files. […]

iPhone 6 PSD

UPDATE: And it’s over! With the somewhat surprising release of the iPhone 6 plus. We’ll be updating this post with the best new PSD mockups and templates as they come in… With less than 24 hours to go until Apple’s live-streamed unveiling of the new iPhone 6, we’ve compiled a short but growing list of .PSD mockup […]

Hosted Checkouts Options

Look back just 3 years ago and your options for selling digital products online were severely limited. Just a few big players dominated the space with outdated platforms, ugly UI and lack of competition. However, there’s been a recent spurt of innovation in the space, dramatically increasing your options for selling digital products online. Let’s […]

Fliboard App

With the expanded screen real estate of the iPad, designers have a lot more room to get things right, or wrong. The best designed iPad apps often come from the consumer space, see Apple’s own design showcase for example, but there are a number of exquisitely designed apps for business too: Flipboard Flipboard has been lauded as […]


The ubiquitous .com domain, one of the 7 original TLDs (Top-level Domains), has lived a long and popular life. From the first registration (symbolics.com) in 1985 there have been nearly 114 million .coms registered, an order of magnitude more than any other TLD. This has meant that short and memorable names are almost impossible to find freely available. Of […]


Professionalism is being taken to new heights in 2014. Millions of people worldwide are now working online to run their own businesses. Whether you are a small business or a single entrepreneur, there are many upcoming web design events which absolutely should not be missed. Not only can these events be fun and entertaining, but […]

Alternative to Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is one of the most popular web fonts around at the moment, especially in the “startup” crowd. Unfortunately, if you’re not one for paying for web fonts then Proxima Nova will be out of your reach as it requires licensing. Luckily though, there’s a very similar font available: Montserrat. Buy Proxima Nova Here […]

All WordPres Theme Shops

The WordPress theme market is at an all time high, with rough estimates suggesting a market size of over $50 million in yearly revenues. This isn’t all that surprising when you look at the stats for the blogging focused CMS. The most recent figures suggest that up to 25% of all new websites are powered […]


In this series, we’ll be taking a look at the best shots posted to Dribble over the last week. Let’s get started! 1. Wikipedia Concept by Salomon Aurélien Redesigns of popular websites and brands often attract criticism from the community for lack of a thorough process. But Salomon’s modernised Wikipedia concept he produced for his thesis is at […]


Gone are the days when using stock photography meant cheesy smiles of people in suits or sub-par clip art style photos. There’s been a growing trend of sites offering high quality stock images, often for free or at low cost. You’ll have no doubt come across many of the images from these sites in blog […]

Comic Sans Gets a Facelift

Comic Sans is undoubtedly the most widely known font, but mainly for all the wrong reasons. Ridiculed by desigers and developers alike, since it’s inception it has attracted an unprecedented level of hate. Movements to ban it, sites devoted to highlighting improper use have sprung up, often with just cause. Craig Rozynski however, has just stirred up […]