15 Inspirational Dashboard UI Designs

Your web application or mobile app’s dashboard user interface design is probably the second most important aspect after your landing page. You want your customers to gain the maximum value from your service in the fastest, easiest way possible. The dashboard is where your customers will spend the majority of their time interacting with your service, if you make it accessible, fast and well designed you can have a measurable impact on profitability by reducing churn.

Data visualization can be a tricky task to get right, balancing comprehensive information without overloading the user is of the utmost importance. You’ll need to consider typography, layout, menus, intuitive icons and colors, and more!

Let’s take a look at 15 of the best dashboard UI implementations, from both live and functioning services to the hypothetical:


Inspirational Dashboard UI Designs

1. WebApp Pro by Ben Garratt

Great use of subtle colors and simple, easily readable graphs.

Web App Pro


2. Bills Bills Bills by Cosmin Capitanu

Great data visualisation showing utility consumption.

Bills Bills Bills


3. Some Analytics by Cosmin Capitanu

Contrast and focusing allow quick interpretation of the most important data.

Some Analytic



4. Buffer App by Buffer

Buffer is a great service that allows you to schedule sending out posts on various social media networks. With a simple two menu style interface, navigating the app is blissfully easy.

Buffer App


5. Droplr Dashboard by Victor Erixon

This mockup for the new Droplr dashboard is a great example of clean, simple UI design.

Droplr Dashboard


6. To-Do Dashboard by Tiberiu Neamu

This to-do dashboard is a work management platform for creatives with a lot of cool features.

To-Do Dashboard


7. Dashboard navigation by Kerem Suer

This little animation shows the attention to detail required to create a truly awesome dashboard.

Dashboard Animation


8. Job Summary UI by Mason Yarnell

A simple dashboard for managing job postings.

Job Board Dashboar


9. Desk.com Dashboard by Dave Ruiz

In this reimagined dashboard for the desk.com web app widgets are used to surface the most important stats.

Desk.com Dashboard


10. Stripe.com Dashboard by Ludwig Pettersson

Stripe is an exciting new payments startup, with a beautiful dashboard UI.

Stripe.com Dashboard UI


11. Layout One by Oykun

A personal finance dashboard with attention to detail.

Layout One


12. Ultramarine Admin by Cosmin Capitanu

A dashboard mockup with a distinctly maritime feel to it!

UltraMarine Admin Dashboard


13. Invoice Cloud by Prekesh Chavda

An iOS dashboard for an accounting service.

iOS dashboard


14. Weather Dashboard / Global Outlook by Jonathan Quintin

A beautiful weather dashboard.

Weather Dashboard



15. Dashboard Sponseasy by Barthelemy Chalvet

SpoonEasy Dashboard


Did we miss the perfect dashboard? What do you think makes for better dashboard UI? Let us know in the comments…

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