Best of Dribbble – Week 1

In this series, we’ll be taking a look at the best shots posted to Dribble over the last week. Let’s get started!

1. Wikipedia Concept by Salomon Aurélien

Wikipedia Concept

Redesigns of popular websites and brands often attract criticism from the community for lack of a thorough process. But Salomon’s modernised Wikipedia concept he produced for his thesis is at worst an excellent start. There appears to be some loss of content but nobody’s perfect right?

2. Logo Project by Yoga Perdana

Logo Project

Yoga uploaded his creative process for a new logo concept. Organically growing the tree from just 5 shapes.

3. Fatty’s by Jay Fletcher

Fatty's Beer Cans

Jay Fletcher uploaded these inspired beer can designs; awesome characters and sublime color palettes make for a great beer!

4. Logotype by Mike from CreativeMints


A refreshing change from the mostly digitally produced content on Dribble is this masterpiece drawn by Mike.


5. Helium Harvey – Iceberg by Something Savage (2017 Update: Removed link from 404 error)

Iceberg Animation


This gorgeously animated shot is taken from the film Helium Harvey, A film by Daniel Savage. Recommended watching.

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