Free Alternative to Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is one of the most popular web fonts around at the moment, especially in the “startup” crowd. Unfortunately, if you’re not one for paying for web fonts then Proxima Nova will be out of your reach as it requires licensing. Luckily though, there’s a very similar font available: Montserrat.

Buy Proxima Nova Here

Whilst type nerds and designers will easily spot the difference, to the wider audience it will look much the same. Here’s a comparison between the two fonts:

Proxima Nova vs Montserrat


Monserrat is also available as a google web font, available here, which makes integration into your website as simple as including the css file or @include. Looking for a good pairing, try Open Sans or Ubuntu for body text with Montserrat for headers.

So in conclusion, a great free alternative to Proxima Nova is Montserrat! Check out this TypeWolf page for inspirational uses of Montserrat on the web.


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