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The WordPress theme market is at an all time high, with rough estimates suggesting a market size of over $50 million in yearly revenues. This isn’t all that surprising when you look at the stats for the blogging focused CMS. The most recent figures suggest that up to 25% of all new websites are powered by WordPress, and with a quick glance at the stats from builtwith.com, showing around 13% of top websites and 23% of the most popular by traffic are built on top of WordPress, it’s not hard to believe.

WordPress Theme Market Size

Pingdom has also found that over 48% of the top 100 technorati blogs are running on WordPress! The rich theme ecosystem of WordPress is undoubtedly one of it’s main selling points. Choose from thousands of professionally developed and designed themes both free and paid to give instant credibility to your website. We’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of theme providers currently out there. We’ve limited this to GPL compliant paid theme providers to help weed out the often badly developed free themes, whilst there’s nothing wrong with free themes they are often less trustworthy than their paid alternatives. For a good, trusted source of free themes check out the selection of nearly 2,500 on wordpress.org.

In no particular order, the following is a list of all active premium WordPress theme shops:

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

2. StudioPress



3. WooThemes


4. ThemeForest


5. WPZoom

WP Zoom

6. DIY Themes

DIY Themes

7. Obox Themes

Obox Themes

8. Array.is

Array.Is Themes

9. AppThemes


10. SoloStream


11. Viva Themes


Viva Themes

12. BizzThemes

Bizz Themes

13. Organic Themes

Organic Themes

14. Press75


15. WP Casa

WP Casa

16. iThemes


17. ThemeFuse

Theme Fuse

18. RichWP

RichWP19. Aloha Themes

Aloha Themes

20. MintThemes

Mint Themes

21. FlexiThemes

Flexi Themes


22. GabFire Themes

GabFire Themes

23. Gorilla Themes

Gorilla Themes


24. The Theme Foundry

The Theme foundry


25. Themify.me



26. Theme Trust

Theme Trust


27. Headway Themes

Headway Themes


28. Organized Themes

Organized Themes


29. Photocrati



30. Pro Theme Design

Pro Theme Design


31. Color labs project

Color Labs Project


32. Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie


33. Theme Weaver

Theme Weaver


34. UPthemes

Up Themes


35. NattyWP



36. Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press


37. Simple Themes

Simple Themes


38. CSS Igniter

CSS Igniter


39. MarketPress



40. UFO Themes

UFO Themes


41. Church Themes

Church Themes


42. Brill Themes

Brill Themes


43. Ink Themes

Ink Themes


44. Theme Spectrum

Theme Spectrum


45. Frogs Themes

Frogs Themes


46. Rocket Theme

Rocket Theme


47. Yoo Theme



48. ThemeFit

Theme Fit



49. CyberChimps

Cyber Chimps


50. ThemeFurnace

Theme Furnace


51. Tokokoo



52. Magazine3



53. ThemeHybrid

Theme Hybrid


54. ThemeForest



55. WPMU Dev



56. Theme Loom

Theme Loom


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